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This product is delivered online.  There is a link to a fillable form on the checkout page.  Your National Firearms Act Gun Trust will be delivered to your email address within a 5 minutes of purchase. 


We have a fully customizable revocable NFA Gun Trust for you to legally purchase NFA firearms and guns with.  Which include firearms like, pre-1986 fully automatic firearms, silencers, short barrel rifles, a.k.a. SBR rifles and more.  

Not only does the gun trust allow you to purchase the above class 3 weapons legally, you can also legally pass down these weapons to the successors you name in your trust.  This is a great to build a firearm and gun collection that can be passed down through the generations.

The Department of Justice is changing how gun trusts are handled when you purchase NFA gun items.  Known as the below rule, 

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
ATF 41F 27 CFR Part 479
Machineguns, Destructive Devices and Certain Other Firearms; Background Checks for Responsible Persons of a Trust or Legal Entity With Respect To Making or Transferring a Firearm; Final Rule

The final rule change: (1) adds a definition for the term “responsible person”; (2) requires each responsible person of a corporation, trust or legal entity to complete a specified form, and to submit photographs and fingerprints; and (3) Eliminates the requirements regarding the certificate of the chief law enforcement officer (CLEO), but requires notices to the CLEO instead.

This 27 CFR Part 479 rule regarding NFA gun trusts will be effective July 13th, 2016.  Until then the old rule still applies and new gun trusts won't require finger print cards or the notification documentation being sent to your CLEO. 

Once purchased we will send you a link to fill in the required information for your gun trust.  Once this is completed we will email you your completed gun trust, samples of how to fill out the paperwork.  The only requirement on your end is to get the gun trust paperwork notarized and witnessed where mentioned in the document.