Why do you need a National Firearms Act Gun Trust?

There are many reasons why you would want a National Firearms Act Gun Trust.  I personally have my own NFA gun trust.  I will tell you my reasons behind obtaining this gun trust.  Perhaps these reasons will resonate with you.  

First off, I didn't know about gun trusts until I wanted to purchase a silencer for my Sig Sauer P226 MK-25 TB [threaded barrel] pistol.  I purchased the Navy seal edition of the Sig Sauer and was able to get the threaded barrel version.  Which was pretty cool within itself.  So now that I had the threaded barrel version, I now needed to get the silencer.  I went through what felt like hundreds of YouTube videos talking about different silencers from Gemtech, etc.  I ultimately decided upon the Silencer Co Osprey 45 silencer. When I was looking to buy they asked if I had a gun trust or if I was submitting my Form 4 paperwork through a CLEO, a.k.a Chief Law Enforcement Officer a.k.a the Sherrif of your county.  I didn't want to mess around with that paperwork, so I went the gun trust route. Here are the benefits that I have found through getting a gun trust:

  • In some cases can speed up the process of obtaining your Class 3 NFA weapon or accessory.  My tax stamp came back to me in 6 months time and the CLEO route was estimated 8 months. 
  • This trust allows me to legally pass on these Class 3 NFA weapons to anyone who I chose.  This is huge because you won't have to mess with resubmitting your Form 4/tax stamp paperwork again if you pass away, etc. 
  • The trust allowed to me add other people to the trust, who can also use and have the contents of the trust.  Meaning you only have to pay one $200 tax stamp per Class 3 firearm(s) or accessories for the whole trust to use.  The successors can't use them, but trustee's can.  Typically only the owner of Class 3 firearm(s) or accessories can you use the item, but the trust allows other trustees to have access to the firearm(s) or accessories. 
  • The Gun Trust can buy and sell items out of the gun trust to Class 3 dealers, other gun trusts, or corporations very easily.  
  • The Gun Trust becomes a great container to keep all of our Class 3 weapon(s) and accesories within legally and can be separated from your personal firearm collection.

The above reasons are why I currently have a NFA Gun Trust.  You might find other great reasons why you should have a NFA Gun Trust.  It is worth noting that there are a few ways you as a civilian can obtain Class 3 firearms or accessories.

  • Form 4 and Tax Stamp with a CLEO [Chief Law Enforcement Officer] signature on your Form 4.
  • Corporations can legally purchase Class 3 firearms or accessories.
  • Gun Trusts can legally purchase Class 3 firearms or accessories. 

If you don't want to get a Gun Trust, there are two other legal ways you can obtain Class 3 firearms or accessories.  

SUPER BIG NOTE:  The Department of Justice is changing the rules of Gun Trusts starting July 13th, 2016, known as ATF 41F, 27 CFR Part 479.  

This new rule change: (1) adds a definition for the term “responsible person”; (2) requires each responsible person of a corporation, trust or legal entity to complete a specified form, and to submit photographs and fingerprints; and (3) Eliminates the requirements regarding the certificate of the chief law enforcement officer (CLEO), but requires notices to the CLEO instead.

Until then the above rules changes are not in effect.